Distillation Apparatus-Simple 2L

Product Code: 2080280-2
Distillation Apparatus-Simple 2L

Made of Borosilicate glass.Capacity: 2 L, Condenser Length: 400mm


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Made of Borosilicate glass. Consisting of jointed glassware in one single unit to form distillation apparatus - flask round bottom with B- 24 socket, still head with B-24 and B-19 cone, condenser with B-19 socket and cone and receiver adapter with B-19 socket. The carefully designed apparatus has pre-defined angles so that its assembly will require fewer clamps making it more secure to assemble, thus making distillation experiments easy to set up.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Technical InfoCapacity: 2 L, Condenser Length: 400mm
Model Number2080280-2